Monday, December 26, 2011

Product Spotlight - The Galileoscope

Written by Tammy Plotner

Over four hundred years ago, Galileo pointed his refractor telescope towards the night sky and forever changed the way mankind thinks of astronomy. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have shared the eyepiece with Galileo - or to have been there to watch as he assembled one of those very first telescopes? Now you can...

While we can't step back in time, we can bring all the excitement and learning to you in a hands-on optic kit which will allow you to assemble a Galileo-like refractor telescope from the ground up. A dedicated team of researchers, astronomers and educators designed the Galileoscope Telescope Kit to be one of the most ultimate tools you'll ever encounter. It's more than just a kit... It's a learning experience.

Galileoscope Telescope Kit

The Galileoscope Telescope Kit achromatic optics include a 50-mm-diameter objective lens of focal length 500 mm, an eyepiece of focal length 20 mm (magnification 25x), and a 2x Barlow lens (yielding 50x when used with the supplied eyepiece). The Galileoscope accepts almost any optical accessory that has a standard 1¼-inch (31¾-mm) barrel, and it attaches to virtually every tripod made or distributed anywhere in the world.

While the facts and figures are great, it's what happens when you use it that counts the most. By inspection of each individual piece and how they connect together, you (and your audience) are able to grasp the concept of what makes a refractor telescope work. What's more, it can be disassembled and reassembled over and over again, so the learning doesn't stop with a single construction - or a single audience!

The Galileoscope Telescope Kit is perfect for educators of all types - home school, scouts, science classes, adult astronomy outreach and more! Even though it is inexpensive, it was built with durability in mind and - with proper care - will provide years of service. It's a very cool tool that deserves a place in every classroom and astronomy club!

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