Monday, December 5, 2011

Product Spotlight - Celestron Digital Weather Stations

Written by Tammy Plotner

Interested in the weather? Want to monitor observing conditions in your location? Do you like fun, science-oriented equipment? Then you need to check out the Celestron Digital Weather Stations for your home, office, cabin, observatory, or other location. These handy - and affordable - gadgets come loaded with features which are not only useful, but educational as well. Curious? Then read on...

For those who make astronomical observations, we know there's a lot of information that needs to be included in a report and how many times have you wished you could get it all in one easy place? Now you can with the Celestron Compact Weather Station....

Celestron Compact Weather Station

This ingenious little device measures only 3.1" x 1.8" x 5.6" (79mm x 46mm x 142mm) and weighs just 5 ounces. One look at the display screen of the Celestron Compact Weather Station and you'll instantly know the moon phase, time, date, temperature displays indoor and outdoor in either F or C, humidity both indoors and out and cloud cover. Other features include a weather forecast, digital quartz alarm clock with snooze, alert for minimum and maximum indoor temperature... and even a calendar that displays month, day, day of week!

For astrophotographers and astronomers, there's nothing more important than having all your weather information and so much more handy before a night's observing. Why clutter up your work space with several gadgets when you can have them all in one neat, compact unit? Check out all the features of the Celestron Compact Barometric Weather Station! The Celestron Compact Barometric Weather Station offers up a temperature sensor that displays indoor and outdoor in either F or C, a built-in hygrometer that gives you a readout of indoor humidity, and built-in barometer which provides indication of current weather and atmospheric pressure. But that's not all...

Celestron Compact Weather Station

Time is important and the built-in quartz clock provides accuracy along with an alarm and snooze feature. The internal calendar displays month, day, day of week - along with moon phase and tide information. There's even an alert feature for minimum and maximum for indoor and outdoor temperature!

Celestron Deluxe Weather StationThe Celestron Deluxe Weather Station simply rocks. In just this little unit you'll get all the information you need, such as indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, weather forecast, wind chill, speed, gust and direction, ice alert, dewpoint, heat index and more. It even provides rainfall and rainfall history! The built-in hygrometer provides you with accurate information on humidity both indoors and out, while the internal barometer on the Celestron Deluxe Weather Station gives a weather forecast indication of current weather along with atmospheric pressure display. You'll even know the Heat Index - the combined effects of temperature and humidity - as well as the Dew Point - the saturation of the air to get condensation. But the features don't stop there... When the wind blows, you'll know Wind Speed and Direction - information received from supplied Anemometer... Wind Gust - average gusts and alarm function... and even Wind Chill - combination of temperature and wind speed and has alarm function. The digital quartz clock will provide accurate time and even has alarm and snooze functions for those long nights!

Celestron LCD Weather StationThe Celestron 4 Color LCD Weather Station is more than information... It's an eye-catching work of art! The 4-color LCD displays information like temperatures and humidity both indoors and out in bright, vibrant colors. You'll enjoy a Weather Forecast indication of current weather with built-in barometer, as well as a Heat Index (the combined effects of temperature and humidity and Dew Point (measures saturation of the air to get condensation). But that's not all.... The Celestron 4 Color LCD Weather Station also has a built-in digital quartz, snooze-equipped alarm clock for accurate time and a calendar which displays month, day, day of week. What's more, the Celestron Color Weather Station tells you the moon phase, too! The Celestron 4 Color LCD Weather Station is not only pretty to look at, but compact as well - measuring only 2.8" x 2.5" x 8.4" (71mm x 64mm x 213mm) and weighing in at 10 ounces. There's even an AC Adapter included! What are you waiting for? It would look great in your observatory!

The very best part about all of the Celestron Digital Weather Stations is Celestron quality and affordability. We're not talking about a cheap toy here... These are rugged little pieces of scientific equipment that are meant to "weather" the conditions they need to perform under - and do it inexpensively. The Celestron Digital Weather Stations have a starting point of $20 ranging through $90. Not only are these weather stations a very cool conversation piece, but the functionality for an observatory puts them at the head of the class. You won't be disappointed in the investment.

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