Sunday, April 17, 2011

IP4AP - Soup2Nuts....

Submitted by Tammy Plotner

No visit to NEAF would be complete without visiting with Warren Keller! What's new this year? Let's ask...

“In production is our new 2-part series S/N = Soup2Nuts. Completed tutorials of Part-1 will be posted to the site in a rolling release Early subscribers will receive special pricing prior to completion of the series."  For the first time, Warren will walk you through Pre-processing, in both MaxIm DL 5, and the yet unreleased (3/31/11) Astroart 5! "We'll also catch you up to the workspace of Photoshop CS4 and 5, filling in the gap between the latest versions and where the prior series left off in CS2." When Part 1 is completed, a DVD will be available from OPT!

Part-2 of S2N will cover Object-Specific Postprocessing with included high-res files from Warren's observatory at New Mexico Skies. We'll also see Advanced Techniques such as Ha+LRGB, and Mosaics.

Get those cameras rollin'!

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